How to sell my house McDowall, Everton Park, Stafford and Stafford Heights

So you've decided that you want what?

Selling a home is a complex procedure. Whether it's your first time, or you're an experienced buyer, it's very easy to forget things and to feel overwhelmed. Thankfully we have created a thorough checklist on selling a house for homeowners in the Everton Park, McDowall, Stafford, Kedron, Stafford Heights and surrounding suburbs that will ease any headaches that can arise and will keep you on track:

1. Decide whether you want to sell it on your own or use an agent

Obviously, we're a little biased on this one - we want you to be our client! However, you don't need a real estate agent to sell your home, keep in mind though, that over 90% of home sellers do use an agent and find that the expertise, saved time and higher sold prices are worth the cost of commission.

Many people choose to go through a real estate agent because it means less hassle for them. Having a real estate agent handle all of the legwork saves the seller a substantial amount of time. Instead of spending your time putting up signs, writing and purchasing ads, and fielding calls from those who may or may not be truly interested, you can concentrate on simply keeping your home showable. The real estate agent can do the rest.

Real estate agents possess market knowledge that the general public don't have, and in many cases have little or no access to. This means that we can more accurately determine a workable asking price for your home. We are also experienced in handling negotiations and may be able to help you get a higher selling price than you would get by selling on your own.

The downside to going through a real estate agent is having to pay commissions. These are usually a percentage of the home's selling price. Whether directly or indirectly, the buyer pays the commission so by cutting out the middleman, the seller can lower the price and still receive the same amount for their home.

Selling your own home requires more work on your part than going through a real estate agent. You have the job of marketing your home, taking calls about it, showing it, and settling the deal. You will probably need a lawyer to do the paperwork and ensure that everything goes smoothly. The key advantage to selling your own home is not having to pay fees to a real estate agent. You get to keep the full amount of the selling price. You could use this to your advantage by lowering the asking price to reflect the lack of fees, or you could ask the same amount that you would with a real estate agent and make a larger profit.

Although it is becoming somewhat easier to sell your own home, listing your home through a real estate agent can save you lots of time and effort. Whether you should go through a real estate agent depends on whether you have the time, patience, and confidence to do everything yourself.

2. Choosing an Agent & Organising a Market Appraisal.

Do some research on real estate agents who are local to your suburb. Look for an agent with great track record, a few years in the industry, local area knowledge and marketing and advertising ability. Also ask your friends and family for any recommendations.

Then, make appointments to interview at least three local agents to discuss how they can help you and to give you a valuation on your property. To help you cut through the fluff (otherwise known as agent talk, talk, talk), ask your interviewees (i.e the agents) the following five simple questions.

How much?

This one's obviously a no-brainer, but it's the answer you should focus in on with your best possible listening ears. You see, many agents will tell you what they think you want to hear just to get your business. You are looking for an agent that deals in the currency of facts when it comes to setting the listing price for your home; too high and people will dismiss even viewing your property and too low, well ... same. Property must be priced to attract those most likely to buy it.

How long?

We all know that with experience comes wisdom: or sometimes weariness. Don't choose the longest serving agency in your local area because of that fact alone. Choose an agency based on how long it takes them to sell homes, not years in business. Choose an agent who has life-experience and is enthusiastic, motivated and has good local-area knowledge.

How many?

An indicator of the right agent for you is how many properties similar to yours they've sold recently. When backing up what they think your property may sell for, a good agent will provide you with recent, comparable sales data for your area. This is also a good indicator of how well they understand your area, your particular type of property and those most likely to buy it.


A good agent will happily supply you with a list of previous clients. Don't be afraid to call these people. Many will find it flattering that you seek their opinion. Some good questions to ask are: What did you like about the agent? How long did the property take to sell? Was there anything you thought they could have done better? Did the agent get the sale price you wanted?

What makes you different to other agents?

Asking this question provides you a window into the agent's selling style. It also allows them to demonstrate what stands them apart from their competition, both as an individual agent and as an agency.

Real estate agents are a critical part of the selling process. You're choosing someone for a task that requires experience, skill and wisdom, not to mention, entrusting them with the sale of your biggest asset.

In the end, many would be loath to admit that it is the gut that rules the head in decisions great and small. But at least if you engage the head first and ask and listen, your gut decision about which agent to hire will serve in your best interest.

3. Appoint an agent and complete the paper work.

Once you've made a decision on which agency you want the sell through, give them a call ask for them to arrange the paperwork.

To appoint an agent to sell your property a Property Occupations Form 6 - Appointment and reappointment of a property agent, resident letting agent or property auctioneer (PO Form 6) must be completed and signed. This is a Queensland Government appointment form and must be used for all services provided by a property agent or resident letting agent.