Allie Coutts

Allie Coutts

Sales Consultant

Getting to know Allie Coutts

Allie Coutts is the Everton Park and Stafford Heights specialist team member at Madeleine Hicks Real Estate and has established herself as the most highly skilled negotiator in the region.

“The only element of a real estate transaction that will get a higher price for sellers is the negotiating skill of the Agent and I never, ever forget who I am working for”.

Allie has worked in Australia, South Korea, China and Thailand and she has co-authored two books on physical education. Meeting and working with a diverse range of people on four continents has been invaluable in honing many skills, particularly in communication and sensitive negotiations. Her expertise in the art of negotiation ensures that when you entrust your property to Allie you never, ever have to accept one cent less than you want to.

Each and every client of Allie has benefited from her ability and skill to obtain the absolute highest price achievable for their property, and you can too.